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UCF Computer Vision Lecture Series

There is a copmuter vision lecture series with Dr. Mubarak Shah that the University of Central Florida recently published to YouTube. It looks like the lectures are from the fall / winter of 2012. I’ve found these lectures extremely helpful in a lot of the computer vision learning and research that I’ve been doing.

The lectures are part of the CAP5415 course at UCF. The main page for this course can be found at:

This page includes the slides for the lectures as well as the programming assignments.

The full list of lecture videos can be found on the above page, or I’ve also copied them below:

Lecture 01 Introduction to Computer Vision

  • I’ve published a post with my notes on this lecture.

** Lecture 02 - Filtering**

  • I’ve created two separate posts which reference the material in this lecture:

** Lecture 03 - Edge Detection Matlab Tutorial Video Lecture 04 - Interest Point Detection Lecture 05 - Scale-invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) Histograms of Oriented Gradients (HOG) Lecture 06 - Optical Flow Lecture 07 - Pyramids Lecture 08 - Motion Models Lecture 9 - Global Motion Lecture 10 - Lucas-Kanade Tracker (KLT) Lecture 11: Mean Shift Lecture 12: Camera Model Lecture 13: Fundamental Matrix Lecture 14: Face Recognition Lecture 15: Structure from Motion Lecture 16: Stereo Lecture 17: Bag-of-Features (Bag-of-Words) Lecture 18: Hough Transform**