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Hi! I’m a software and research engineer currently working for a startup named in2H2.

At in2H2, we are developing a unique hardware architecture for accelerating data mining algorithms that are based on distance calculations (such as Euclidean distance or Cosine distance). Specifically, we are targeting performance-constrained applications of k-Nearest Neighbor search and clustering algorithms such as k-Means.

My role is in leading our benchmarking efforts (primarily against high-end GPUs) and our application research. As we look for opportunities for our hardware across different markets, I get to investigate a wide range of algorithms and applications. And, when I can, I like to share what I learn here. I find that one of the best ways, for me, to learn a subject is to try and communicate it to others. You often don’t realize what you don’t know about a subject until you try and explain it to someone :).

Education & Experience

2006B.S. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
2006 – 2011Embedded Software Engineer, Texas Instruments
2012 - 2014Applications & Development Engineer, CogniMem
2015 - PresentResearch Engineer / Head of Research, in2H2


I always enjoy talking with other people who share an interest in machine learning and related topics; feel free to contact me at, though please understand and forgive me if I don’t manage to reply.