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Hi! I’m a software and research engineer at Nearist.

At Nearist, we have developed a unique hardware architecture for accelerating nearest neighbor search (get it? :) ), and we’ve deployed it as a cloud offering to create a low barrier-to-entry. We enable you to search large vector datasets at high throughputs without all the engineering effort required to develop and maintain your own system. Skip the engineering headache and get back to working on your next great AI-powered product feature!

As we look for opportunities for our hardware across different markets, I get to investigate a wide range of algorithms and applications. And, when I can, I like to share what I learn here. I find that one of the best ways, for me, to learn a subject is to try and communicate it to others. You often don’t realize what you don’t know about a subject until you try and explain it to someone :).

Education & Experience

2006B.S. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
2006 – 2011Embedded Software Engineer, Texas Instruments
2012 - 2014Applications & Development Engineer, CogniMem
2015 - PresentResearch & Applications, Nearist


I always enjoy talking with other people who share an interest in machine learning and related topics; feel free to contact me at, though please understand and forgive me if I don’t manage to reply.