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New BERT eBook + 11 Application Notebooks! → The BERT Collection

Matrix Operations in NumPy vs. Matlab

If your first foray into Machine Learning was with Andrew Ng’s popular Coursera course (which is where I started back in 2012!), then you learned the fundamentals of Machine Learning using example code in “Octave” (the open-source version of Matlab). Octave is great for expressing linear algebra operations cleanly, and (as I hear it) for being easier for non-programmers to get going with.

BERT Word Embeddings Tutorial

In this post, I take an in-depth look at word embeddings produced by Google’s BERT and show you how to get started with BERT by producing your own word embeddings.

The Inner Workings of word2vec

I’m proud to announce that I’ve published my first eBook, The Inner Workings of word2vec. It includes all of the material in the popular word2vec tutorial on my blog, and goes deeper with additional topics like CBOW and Hierarchical Softmax. I’ve also created example code to go along with the book that exposes the algorithm details and let’s you see them in action.