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Choosing a Sampler for Stable Diffusion

I’ve studied the samplers a bit and done some of my own experiments with them, and I’ve arrived at some tentative conclusions for what to do with them.

Classifier-Free Guidance (CFG) Scale

The Classifier-Free Guidance Scale, or “CFG Scale”, is a number (typically somewhere between 7.0 to 13.0) that’s described as controlling how much influence your input prompt has over the resulting generation.

Steps and Seeds in Stable Diffusion

In this series of posts I’ll be explaining the most common settings in stable diffusion generation tools, using DreamStudio and Automatic1111 as the examples.

How Stable Diffusion Works

The ability for a computer to generate art from nothing but a written description is fascinating! I know that I, for one, would be desperately curious to see what’s actually going on “under the hood” that would make this possible, so I wanted to do what I can here to provide a less superficial explanation of what’s going on even for those who aren’t familiar with the concepts in artificial intelligence.

How img2img Diffusion Works

Running Stable Diffusion by providing both a prompt and an initial image (a.k.a.”img2img” diffusion) can be a powerful technique for creating AI art.